Cristi Farrell

Cristi Farrell rides a BMW F650GS, co-runs the Moterrific podcast and works as a freelance motorcycle journalist. She has ridden solo across South America on a Honda XL.

Joanne Donn

Joanne Donn is an American motorcyclist who likes sport touring on her Triumph Street Triple. She is the founder of GearChic and co-founder of Moterrific.

Cristine Sommer-Simm...

Christine Sommer-Simmons is an American motorcyclist who owns and rides vintage Harleys.

Melissa Holbrook Pie...

Melissa Holbrook Pierson is a motorcyclist and author of bestsellers The Perfect Vehicle and The Man Who Would Stop At Nothing.

Jennifer Bromme

Jennifer Bromme is a motorcyclist, mechanic and service manager. She runs her own motorcycle repair shop Werkstatt in San Francisco, California.

Lois Pryce

Lois Pryce is a British motorcyclist and author. Her books Lois on the Loose and Red Tape and White Knuckles recount her riding adventures through the Americas and Africa respectively.