Lisa Morris Aug06

Lisa Morris

Lisa Morris is a long distance rider, currently riding her BMW F650GS across the Americas.

Agata Wysocka Sep19

Agata Wysocka

Agata Wysocka is a motorcyclist from Ghent, Belgium. She rides a BMW F650GS.

Rashmi Tambe

Rashmi Tambe is a motorcyclist from Seattle, Washington. She is the owner of the Global Women Who Ride Project.

Anne Schwarz

Anne Schwarz is a German motorcyclist who lives and rides off-road around South Africa and surrounding areas.

Rayna Hennen Jan30

Rayna Hennen

Rayna Hennen lives in NYC, rides a Husky, and loves riding off-road.

Gaila Gutierrez

Gaila Gutierrez rode 40,000km all the way across South America on her BMW F650GS.