Khadijah Vakily

Canadian motorcyclist Khadijah Vakily talks about her Honda Rebel and riding as a Muslim woman.

Joan Wamayu Ndarathi Nov13

Joan Wamayu Ndarathi

Wamuyu Ndarathi, a motorcyclist from Nairobi, Kenya, chats with Global Women Who Ride about finding her path in the world of motorcycling.

Delaney Ritchie Nov20

Delaney Ritchie

12 year old American racer Delaney Ritchie chats about racing in Columbus, Ohio.

Nyla Roberts

16 year old motorcyclist Nyla Roberts talks about picking up her first street bike and riding it from Illinois to New Mexico.

Jenn Keys

American motorcyclist Jenn Keys chats about riding, a debilitating crash and recovery, and passing the baton to the next generation.

Gabriela Ochoa Jan09

Gabriela Ochoa

Gabriela Ochoa is a brand new motorcyclist. She rides a 125 cc Izuka in Mexico City.

Jane Michael Ekanem

Nigerian rider Jane Michael Ekanem of Nigeria tells a story from her early years of riding.

Megan Snyman

South African motorcyclist Megan Snyman recounts an anecdote from her ride across South America.

Silvia Prokopieva Nov30

Silvia Prokopieva

Bulgarian motorcyclist Silvia Prokopieva recounts her epic long distance rides around the Black Sea and across Iran.

Lydia Batho-Batho Ma...

South African Lydia Batho-Batho Mahlangu rides a Harley Davidson 883 super Low.

Shona Chorlton Nov28

Shona Chorlton

British motorcyclist Shona Chorlton talks about growing up with motorcycles and getting into stunting.

Juvena Huang Oct24

Juvena Huang

Motocross rider Juvena Huang talks about switching from her KTM 200 to a Vespa for her round the world ride.