Chantal Cournoyer

Canadian motorcyclist Chantal Cournoyer chats about her epic ride across the Americas and a rally in Morocco.

Riding with kids

BMW rider Luanna Van Holten talks about her experience riding with her young daughter.

Megan Snyman

South African motorcyclist Megan Snyman recounts an anecdote from her ride across South America.

Shona Chorlton Nov28

Shona Chorlton

British motorcyclist Shona Chorlton talks about growing up with motorcycles and getting into stunting.

Doris Wiedemann

German motorcycling legend Doris Wiedemann talks about her epic solo cross-continent rides.

Cristi Farrell

Cristi Farrell rides a BMW F650GS, co-runs the Moterrific podcast and works as a freelance motorcycle journalist. She has ridden solo across South America on a Honda XL.

Lisa Morris Aug06

Lisa Morris

Lisa Morris is a long distance rider, currently riding her BMW F650GS across the Americas.

Kinga Tanajewska Dec04

Kinga Tanajewska

Kinga Tanajewska is a long distance enduro rider from Perth, Australia. She rides a BMW F800GS.

Agata Wysocka Sep19

Agata Wysocka

Agata Wysocka is a motorcyclist from Ghent, Belgium. She rides a BMW F650GS.

Voni Glaves

Voni Glaves is an American motorcyclist who has ridden more than a million miles on her BMW motorcycles.