Jenn Keys

American motorcyclist Jenn Keys chats about riding, a debilitating crash and recovery, and passing the baton to the next generation.

Cristi Farrell

Cristi Farrell rides a BMW F650GS, co-runs the Moterrific podcast and works as a freelance motorcycle journalist. She has ridden solo across South America on a Honda XL.

Glennel Warren Apr14

Glennel Warren

Glennel Warren is a trials rider from Hawaii, USA.

Judy Kesler Jun16

Judy Kesler

Judy Kessler is a motorcyclist from Alaska. She rides a KLR 650 and BMW F650GS-P.

Nichele Weatherford

Nichele Weatherford is a motorcyclist from California who rides a VFR 1200F.

Rashmi Tambe

Rashmi Tambe is a motorcyclist from Seattle, Washington. She is the owner of the Global Women Who Ride Project.

Gaila Gutierrez

Gaila Gutierrez rode 40,000km all the way across South America on her BMW F650GS.