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If you identify as a woman, ride and love motorcycling, and wish to participate in this project, please email me at with a brief description about yourself and why you would like to participate. You may also leave a comment on the Riders Wanted blog post.

Please email me at for any of the following:
1. If you would like to communicate with me to provide feedback or comments on this site.  I also encourage you to leave comments on the actual interviews for the participants to read.

2. If you are a website owner or print media representative who is interested in featuring some of the content on this site. (All content on this site is copyrighted to Global Women Who Ride and cannot be featured on any other site without my express permission.)

3. If you are a publisher who wants to help make the vision of this site possible – publishing interviews with global motorcyclists in a coffee table book format.

4. If you would like for me or any interviewee from this blog to guest post on your motorcycling or travel blog.

5. If you would like to book me for a speaking engagement, freelance writing or product review assignment. I am a published freelance writer with American Motorcyclist

Global Women Who Ride - Highlighting women motorcyclists the world over!

Global Women Who Ride – celebrating women motorcyclists the world over!