About The Project

The Global Women Who Ride Project is an ambitious project that aims to interview one or more woman motorcyclists in every country on this planet. These interviews will be published in a beautiful full color coffee table book. The typical interview will encompass fun stuff like riders’ bikes, favorite rides, gear, stories, and somewhat serious stuff like their thoughts around community, female friendship, activism etc.

Goals of this project:
1. To make women motorcyclists across the globe more visible.

2. To profile women and girls of different ages, races, ethnic backgrounds and body types.

3. To depict riders on all kinds of bikes – sport bikes, cruisers, dual sports, dirt bikes, trials bikes, trikes, sidecars etc.

4. To interview important women in motorcycling and ensure that their achievements are not forgotten or erased from history.

5. To provide role models for new and aspiring riders.

5. To enable us all to visualize and dream of travel locally and globally.

6. To build a global community of female motorcyclists.

This project is intersectional. What this means is that the people and stories presented here will encompass a range of identities and experiences. The few representations of women motorcyclists today still comprised of white or light skinned, young, skinny, conventionally good looking, able-bodied, middle class women, usually in insufficient protective gear. This status quo needs to change so that we all have diverse role models who look like us, so that we in turn can envision ourselves doing more. If you come across this project and do not see anyone who looks like you, please contact me so that we can fix that!



People love the Global Women Who Ride Project! Here are some excerpts from some fans:

“It warms my heart, truly. Because I do not have a nation but that it’s the motorcycle nation: we understand each other across all borders. In doing this project, you highlight the ways we are similar, not the ways we are different. It’s truly a peacemaker. And that is what the world needs now more than anything. We are all one race, in the most important ways. Nothing makes me happier than seeing women going forth, grabbing their joy. Divisiveness is momentary; togetherness is immortal.”

Melissa Holbrook Pierson, author of The Perfect Vehicle


“I think it’s a great idea! One of the amazing things about motorcycling is the camaraderie between riders. It’s truly heartwarming and I have made many great friends through motorcycling. Anything that brings people together is good.”

Lois Pryce, long distance motorcyclist and author of Lois on the Loose and Red Tape and White Knuckles


“It’s a fantastic idea.  Motorcycling is a brotherhood (or should I say sisterhood!) of riders. We have met so many riders on the road over the years who have become long-term true friends.  Anything that can join riders – especially women riders- together is wonderful.”

Lisa Thomas, RTW rider


“I think it’s a fantastic project and I’m so grateful for a platform that recognizes and celebrates female riders. I believe that there’s a great need for such a platform and I know people from all walks of life will definitely gain a great deal from the experiences shared! It’s awesome!”

Jolandie Rust, long distance motorcyclist and first woman to circumnavigate Africa


“I think it’s historically important because it helps answer the quintessential question of “Why do we Ride?” And even more importantly, I think it allows connections, some close and some far way, in a world that seems crazy.”

Voni Glaves, long distance rider


Praise from readers:

“I love what you are doing, and have shared your page with every women motorcyclist on my Facebook. Thank you, it is wonderful to learn about women around the globe who ride.”

“As I read all the interviews on your website, I can just say that I am so fascinated by those brave women, they are truly heroes! So brave, strong and outstanding. Their stories are so inspiring and motivating… I am so impressed by the interview with Sarah from Colorado, Jayne from Canada and Anita from Malaysia. I think now I have no fear about traveling alone and I have a lot of inspiration to make more long distance trips by bike. Thank you so much for your project!”