Christine Dufossé

Today’s rider is from Northern France! Christine Dufossé is a veteran motorcyclist who is an incredible role model for young girls who are just getting into riding. She rides a cruiser, an enduro and a dirt bike. She is also a rally driver, motorcycle journalist and an activist for motorcycling rights in France. In short, she has done everything! As befits a moto-journalist, she has some great photos and videos to share. Her stories are witty and entertaining, ranging from her first motorcycle ride to the old Yugoslavia, competing in rallies in Algeria, and encounters with Hell’s Angels. [Rashmi Tambe, Editor, Global Women Who Ride]


Name: Christine Dufossé (aka Mogwai)
Age: 49
Country: France
Languages: French, English
Years Riding: 30
Height: 1m73
Inseam: 0m82
Current motorcycles: Suzuki 1400 Intruder, Yamaha 750 Super Ténéré, Suzuki 350 DR
Past motorcycles: Yamaha 50 DTMX (16 years old), Honda 400 four, Honda 400 XLS, Suzuki 600 djebel, Harley Davidson 1000 Sportster, Honda 500 XLS, Yamaha 500 XT, Suzuki 650 DR, Honda 600 Transalp
Kms Per Year :10000-20000 kms
Image Credit: Alain Schoeling Photographe


Please introduce yourself. Hello, I am a teacher in special schools with youth with disabilities. Travel and motorcycling has always been my two passions and my reason for living. I am a correspondent for a motorcycle diary Motomagazine which lets me travel. I usually ride where I want and where my friends go.

I got my motorcycle license when I was 19. I had ridden without a license before because I had cool friends who taught me.

Women Who Ride: Christine Dufossé as a young motorcyclist

Christine Dufossé as a young motorcyclist

When I was 20, I rode 7000 km in 10 days on an old Honda XLS 400 from the north of France to the old Yugoslavia. I had just enough money for petrol and not enough to feed me or find me accommodation. This was my best adventure despite all the difficulties I encountered. Mobile phones, GPS and maps of the country did not exist and the roads were very bad! After this ride, I never stopped and I continue to try and discover other lands.

Women Who Ride: Christine doing a river crossing

Christine doing a river crossing

What do you ride these days? I ride a 1400 Suzuki Intruder because it looks like my old Harley Davidson but is more reliable. It has s two cylinder engine, lots of power and can travel miles without any problem. I have a Super 750 Ténéré because I saw Stéphane Peterhansel finish the Dakar rally on it in 1993. I also have a DR 350 for the winters.

Women Who Ride: Christine Dufossé with Stéphane Peterhansel

Christine Dufossé with Stéphane Peterhansel

Can you share a good story from your travels? This one time, I was riding alone on my old Harley Davidson. On the road, I found that I had broken my headlamp housing. I ran into a Hell’s Angels prospect who hosted me for two nights while my bike was repaired. On the second night they invited  some girls for a special evening. I had the choice to go or stay in a caravan there. I slept all night with a knife next to me!

Women Who Ride: Riding on backroads

Riding on backroads

Have you ever raced? I did the “Rallye des Colombes” in 2004. I was fortunate to have a sponsor. It is a regular race on a day reserved for women motorcycle riders and cars in Algeria. Experience of which I have great memories. I wanted to win and I managed to finish first. This year, I redo the “Rallye des Givrés” in northern France.

I also participated in the second Rally of Doves in Algeria that I won in 2004 on a 750 Africa Twin.

Women Who Ride: Christine Dufossé in Albania

Christine Dufossé in Albania

Do you have any motorcycling heroes? I loved reading comic strip JulieWood when I was young, then Joe Bar Team. But I don’t have really heroes.

Women Who Ride: Julie Wood comic book cover: Orkaan over Daytona Women Who Ride: Julie Wood comic book cover: De Motorduivel Women Who Ride: Julie Wood comic book cover: Sportbike

How do you find people around you treat you as a motorcyclist? Things have changed a lot. Before 2000, when I rode alone on my bike in foreign countries, I was like an alien. Even in France, bikers were rare. I had problems at work because I rode a Harley Davidson. Now I can go to work with my bike and have no problems.


Do you have access to high quality motorcycling gear in your part of the world? We do. Sometimes wages are not enough and you need to make choices.

Are there any motorcycling related issues that you feel strongly about? In France, helmet is mandatory. Bikers fought to have no fluorescent vest. But the future is dark. We are still fighting for having no MOT for motorcycles because this would prevent us changing or customize our bikes. I support the actions of the FFMC (French Federation of Angry Bikers) and participate in events when I am free.

How are women riders treated in your part of the world? In the same manner as men – with respect. favicon