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Fleeting thoughts about this project

I want to take a brief moment to post a short update about the Global Women Who Ride project.

A mere two weeks ago, this idea was just a tiny spark in my head. Now, my inbox is flooded with emails from amazing people around the world, all of whom want to be a part of this project and contribute to it.

The only way to describe what I’m feeling right now is this – I feel blessed. I’m so very fortunate to suddenly have such incredible people in my life, all of whom want to share their stories with me and have me be a channel for spreading them across the world.

This world has changed so much since I was little. We all know how much smaller it has gotten. Most of us are aware of how we are all interconnected in so many ways. With every email and every completed interview I get back from women who have some things in common with me and yet are so completely different from me in terms of their rich life experiences, I learn more about the world and grow as a person. I’m filled with delight as I learn more about riding, about the world, and about the lives of each woman who takes the time to talk to me.

Every now and then I feel like I’m stretched thin because it’s difficult to answer every single query I get. Occassionally I feel plagued with self-doubt, wondering if this whole thing is a good idea at all, because I’m incorrectly using the output of social media (Facebook likes!) as a metric to measure the progress of this project. But then I get yet another message from a woman in a country I know nothing about, or a word of praise and excitement from those who have just heard about it. That’s when I know that this is important work and that together we can make an important addition to the sum total of the world’s knowledge.

To those of you who have contributed to this project and to the ones who have just stumbled across it and expressed interest in being a part of it – thank you! I am continually humbled, thrilled and excited about the direction it is taking. :)