Adriana Terlizzi

Full Name: Adriana Terlizzi
Age: 37
Country: Brasil
Languages: Português
Years Riding: 4
Height: 1,68
Inseam: 38″
Current Motorcycles: Honda CBR 600 RR
Past Motorcycles: Kawasaki Ninja 250R
Riding Gear: AGV helmet, Daianese overalls
Miles Per Year: 500



Hello Adriana, can you please introduce yourself?
I’m a veterinarian. I did my post graduation in clinical small animals. I help non-governmental organizations with abandoned animals. In my free time, I like to leave on my bike with friends and hit the road. I have a dream of creating a non-governmental organization that aims to rescue, treat and subsequently donate abandoned strays.  

Describe your path to how you got to where you are with motorcycling today.
My father always liked bikes and that’s where my passion began. When I was a child, he took me for a motorcycles ride. He put me in front and left me holding the thottle! Wow, my heart was in my mouth. To this day I remember that day like it was yesterday. 

As a teenager, he gave me a moped. I couldn’t even think of having a bike though. My father would not allow it. My cousins ​​attended Campionatos Professional Motocross. Four years ago I put up the courage and decided to buy a bike against my father’s will. It was a Kawasaki Ninja 250 r. After two years I decided to change bikes and buy the Honda CBR 600 RR I have today. It was love at first sight with the white and red CBR. I like this bike because it is easy to ride a bike, relatively quick and easy to perform aggressive cornering on it, not to mention she is beautiful!


Do you have a motorcycling achievement that you take pride in?
I am proud to have the courage to overcome all obstacles, overcome my fears to ride a bike and get where I am.

What’s your favorite motorcycling story to tell others?
Not stories, but it is very funny when I leave the bike and arrive in places. When I remove my helmet people stare or look frightened like they’ve seen a ghost. Here in Brazil it is not common for women to ride sport bikes.

Have you made any close female friendships due to motorcycling?
Yes, I always do. And whenever possible, we ride together. It creates a very strong bond.

Do you do maintenance and repairs on your bike?
If I break my bike – trouble. I know nothing of the mechanics of the bike. Just know how to  turn on and ride!

Do you have any motorcycling heroes?
Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez

Do you have any advice for people who want to get into motorcycling?
I would say that it is a journey of no return! Once you have a bike, you never live without it! It’s extremely addictive, thrilling and exciting ride a bike!



If I were to visit you and we went riding for one short morning ride, where would you take me?
From Sao Paulo to Serra Negra is a cool ride. During the route there are high-speed roads, twisty mountain ranges and beautiful landscapes, full of trees and lush nature.

[Link to Route]


What’s the best part about riding in your country?
The best part is that the landscapes are beautiful, the restaurants are wonderful, the food is excellent, we have many varieties of fruit. Not to mention that Brazilians are very welcoming. 


What kind of food can riders expect to stop for on the way that is typical of where you live?
Depends on ride distance. You have several options for food. Normally ordered something lighter like açaí in the bowl with fruit, assorted juices. But for those who want something more traditional, we have feijoada and BBQ. In short, we have all kinds of food everywhere we go.

If a motorcyclist from another country visited your country, what are the top rides you would recommend?
I highly recommend Serra do rio do rastro, Serra do rastro da serpente, Rio X Santos and Serra do cafezal (SP x Curitiba).

How does the topography of the place you live in affect the kind of motorcycling you choose to do?
We have all kinds of topographies. We have many roads and hills, mountains and countryside. I live in a place many roads that pass close by. It’s easy to hit the road, no need to go inside of.


What is the traffic like and how does it affect motorcycle riding?
I live a bit away from Sao Paulo and do not have much problem with traffic. But within São Paulo it is almost impossible to travel, even on a motorcycle. Nobody respects anybody, there are many speed cameras, and violence and assaults are constant!

What are the best months for riding?
January and July, when we have school holidays and the traffic is less intense.

Is it safe to ride at night where you live?
The area I live is apparently safe, it has many gated communities and security is intense. But neighboring regions are violent.

Is motorcycle theft a problem?
Yes, we have many thefts of bikes here. Unfortunately the law of the country here is outdated and only favors the bad guys. Thus, they steal, they are arrested and then return to the streets. 

Are there any motorcycle specific laws?
Yes, we have specific laws and due to high rate of thefts of bikes for motorcyclists, people get frightened by the approaching motorcycle.

How do the police treat motorcyclists?
With suspicion because many bandits use bikes for carrying out robberies. 

Can you describe the motorcycle license test?   
Practical classes, theoretical and practical test are performed. The theoretical test has multiple-choice questions. In the practice test, you have to navigate a set route with beacons and other obstacles to show mastery of the bike.  

Do you have access to high quality motorcycling gear in your part of the world?
Yes, we have access, but most products are imported. Unfortunately imported products cost three times the amount at which they are sold abroad. 

Is there a local motorcycling event that you try and attend regularly?
No, but there is a bar called Jhonnie Wash in Sao Paulo which is frequented by motorcyclists.

Are any motorcycle related sports popular where you live and do women actively participate in them?
Yes, we have a league called Bike with Lipstick. 

How are women motorcycle riders treated by most people and by male motorcyclists?
We are treated with awe, because the number of women motorcyclists in Brazil is small. Lately, this number is increasing, but is still little.  

Do female and male motorcyclists have the same amount of freedom to pursue motorcycling activities?
Yes, for sure.



Professional Motorcyclist: Marc Marquez
Female Motorcyclist: Sabrina Paiuta